Even the moon is hotter in India

India, hmmm, didn´t go among my favourite countries. But was absolutely worth of visiting. Best were the children and some friendly people. Worst was the heat and dirtiness. Maybe my experience would have been greater if I wouldn´t have had my usual crabby luck. Everything seemed to go wrong. I was supposed to visit The amazingly beautiful Darjeeling area but my my guide, Amit from AIESEC Kolkata got to know that there was an emergency situation at his home and he had to leave me alone. He helped me to book a cruise to Sunderban area which is the home of great Bengal tigers. I was pretty happy for this option also. In the morning of the cruise departure I was informed that there had been a typhoon in the area and the cruise is cancelled. Next option I decided to take was visiting Bishnupur, a village of terracotta temples. I had a nice day in Bishnupur. In the evening I had a nice dinner in a street restaurant which was a huge mistake cause I got some kinda food poisoning and was suffering one day from diarrhea and throwing up. Still after 2 days haven´t been able to eat properly. And now I´m writing from a hotel where i´m allocated by Indian Airlines which cancelled the flight to Kathmandu because of the bad weather there. The flight should be tomorrow… Welĺ, at least the hotel is nice. I can just hope that my luck will turn around in Nepal, at least it won´t be so hot in there… 🙂


But not bad without something good. World is beautiful so so is India even if I didn´t see Darjeeling and Sunderban. On the first day we visited the coast with Amit. I was smiling and amazed for the things I saw. We travelled with so many different vehicles: Train, small ferry/boat, lava bicycle where on a 2 m2 lava was travelling around 15 people and lava motorbike. Views were both beautiful and sad. It was so hard to look at those poor, skinny people, especially children. I guess I cried a bit… Also the animals, cows, dogs and goats were so skinny. I felt so guilty to come from a western welfare country here in the middle of people who´s goal is just to survive to the next day. Surprisingly I didn´t face so much begging. On the more country side area the houses were built of clay and straws and was funny that each house had an own small pond where women were bathing and washing loundry.


I love ocean and swimming in the ocean, a lot. But this was the worst swimming in an ocean experience ever. I had to use long pants, not even shorts and a t-shirt. So the water couldn’t pamper my skin freely and the amount of fabric was making the swimming harder. Plus everyone was staring at me and a crowd of boys and men started to gather around me. When I swam elsewhere they followed. But all together these factors couldn´t make my xperience bad, I still love ocean and swimming 🙂


I apologize that I don’t have any pics from Kolkata city. I was too ashamed to take pics there, to show that i´m that “rich” that I can afford a camera. There were no other tourists, almost no other white people. During my stay I saw altogether 4 other white people. I was so different already without the camera. Amit told me not to smile and thank everyone so much, not to be so nice, it can give wrong impressions for males. Yeah super easy task for me… In Finland girls might walk hand in hand when we are good friends, if guys do that, well yes they are thought to be gays. I guess in India it´s another way. The first male “couple” I absolutely thought to be gay, then I started to think that wow, there so many gays here and then I realized that maybe it´s just another way here, interesting…


Bishnupur was a nice small town. I got a riksa tour from a temple to another. Sure the temples were nice but I was more interested of the people and specially children. I have dozens of pictures with children. The Indian transportation is pretty tough for boobs, the crumpy roads make them jump up and down so that they started to hurt already… After the tour I went walking by myself and got surrounded by around 10 children. They didn´t speak English but they seemed to be happy around me. More and more children and also some adults with their children came and I sure took pictures. I spent with these children something like four hours and those were the best hours of my time in India, time when the muscles in your cheek start hurting cause you´re smiling so much 🙂 Well then was the food poisoning but no more about that… Oh one thing, when I was travelling to Bishnupur the train radio played Carnival of rust by Poets of the Fall! 🙂


Special thanks are going for the staffs of Bengal guest house in Kolkata and Bishnupur tourist lodge for their help and kindness! Thank you India, sure we might see somewhere in future. 🙂


The Start

So many people have asked me to write a blog about my soon starting trip to Nepal. I wanna thank those people for challenging me. But this blog is not about my trip to Nepal, this blog is about my new life which I promise to fill with possibilities, openness, adventures, love, giving, getting, leaving, coming back and making dreams come true. I´m going to travel, volunteer, meet new people and hopefully learn a lot more about myself. I´ve been dreaming about this life for years and this is The Start of it. 🙂